Live Grand
tv • social
How do you make a French liqueur brand no one cares about feel grand? You produce a $2.5 million TV spot and social content with the director that does Taylor Swift's videos. That's how.
60-second tv spot
When the people at Google introduced the 6-second ad, I bet they never dreamed it could look this good.
About the Project
my role: creative development • creative direction • copywriting • art direction • editing
They say multi-million dollar productions are Advertising urban legends. They’re right. With the exception of this one. Grand Marnier was one of the Campari clients we worked with. The brand used to be a household staple, but became irrelevant over the past couple of decades. They wanted a high-end commercial to launch their new campaign, which we also created, Live Grand.
The commercial was shot in Europe, with a production spanning three different countries and Joseph Kahn, the legendary music video director (he directed the Thong Song. ‘Nuff said). Following the shoot, I supervised an 8-week long post-production and CGI schedule, re-wrote the VO (as one does after the shoot), and edited additional social content shot especially during the main production.