Side Projects
What am I up to while I’m not billing clients? Here are a few favorite personal projects.​​​​​​​
Zoom Backgrounds
microsite • content
COVID-19 turned video meetings into an awkward necessity. To make Zoom meetings a bit more fun, I decided to create dozens of free Zoom video backgrounds. Video chatting your boss will still be awkward, but with Ron Burgundy, Joe Exotic, and the strippers from Magic Mike, it'll at least be funnier.
The Digital ECD
digital app
Creative Weisdoms, the Digital ECD, is the on-the-go version of my former ECD, Eric Weisberg. As an extremely busy man, Eric was often unavailable for immediate creative feedback. This digital version spewed out some of his most memorable reactions with a click of a button. He loved it, though he had some feedback. 
A Bad Decision
microsite • magazine article
Working late at an ad agency can lead to some terrible decisions. In this microsite and double-spread editorial piece I wrote and designed for Shots magazine, I examine one such delicious yet horrifying decision: eating the office’s vending machine cheeseburger.
Arrested Development
illustrated microsite
As a promotion for the return of the show Arrested Development, Netflix created a contest that allowed one lucky fan to become an extra on the series. All you had to do is submit something creative. I illustrated a mock-tourism microsite for the show’s location, Orange County, CA.
And spoiler alert - I won!
COVID Cultural Casualties
cinemagraphs • photography
When businesses shut down during COVID-19, we weren’t sure which local cultural icons would survive. I wanted to remember the places that meant a lot to me in case they would not come back, so I created a small bank of cinemagraphs and images on Instagram. Follow me to view them.
Extraterrestrial Television
animated site
I built this animated site to combine two of my favorite things: Astronomy and TV. Using YouTube links, the site dynamically displayed TV signals our nearest habitable planets would pick up on that same day.
Note: I no longer maintain the site, so some YouTube links might be broken.