​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Tribeca ReActor
experiential • product • social
The Tribeca ReActor is the Simon Cowell of acting. Act out your favorite movie quote for the ReActor, and if it likes your performance, it'll give you free tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival.
About the Project
my role: creative development • copywriting • creative direction • post-production • shooting content
The Tribeca ReActor was one of the most interesting and scrappy projects I’ve worked on. The Tribeca Institute asked the agency to make something that will embody the Festival’s latest expansion beyond film to include interactive storytelling and gaming.
We had a small team of creatives and designers working on the project from start to finish, along with the production company that built the ReActor. My role on the project went beyond the usual creative. In addition to developing the idea and writing copy for the ReActor, I was also responsible for developing the spots advertising the ReActor, escorting the machine throughout NYC, and capturing content of New Yorkers interacting with it throughout the Festival’s run.