Social Stuff
Thumb on down for some more social-specific work. 
7-11 Hot Dog Wars
Twitter / GIFs
When Burger King announced it's going to start selling hot dogs, we at 7-11 declared a war against the tyranny of a mad king on social. We started the Hot Dog BIll of Rights declaration, and proceeded to tweet and blast GIFs of #HotDogDemocracy.
Grand Marnier
FB/IG • 6-Second Videos
Part of the major relaunch for the Grand Marnier brand was to translate its Live Grand Campaign into social channels.
IG story ads & in-feed
Beer in spring. Hey, enough said.
Monkey 47 Gin
IG story ads & in-feed
The Story ads for Monkey 47 Gin were meant to elevate the brand and also supply its consumers with cocktail recipes. It's a win-win!